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Dedicated to nurturing many young talents and their career over the past 2 decades in the world of Dance & Cinema and possessing experience of 5 years in fitness, Satya's Film Academy is now established envisioning a creative platform with a mission to serves as a one-stop destination for every aspiring actor that enriches him/her in the 3 major crafts of Acting, dance & fitness at once.

Under the able leadership, the creative acting program at Satya's Film Academy is designed by expert faculty members in their respective fields in a way to equip the student actor to take on real-world challenges and strengthen him/her into an all-rounder performer across disciplines from acting to dance to fitness all under one roof.
The Academy aims to serve a well-rounded approach to every aspiring actor who strives to create their mark in the world of Cinema, Theatre, and Television.



Our Vision

At Satya's Film Academy, our vision is to nurture aspiring talents, providing them with the guidance and resources to excel in their artistic endeavors, shaping the entertainment industry of the future.

Our Mission

To create a 360-degree platform that identifies nurtures and perfects aspiring individuals in the art of acting, dance, and fitness at once with experts from respective fields and deliver the best of next-generation actors to the World of Entertainment.

Our Motto

"Empowering Dreams, Illuminatinc Futures"
- Staya's Academy.

Why Satya's Film Academy
"Come in with an aspiration, turn into an Inspiration."

Satya's Film Academy established with an endeavor stemmed from the motto to build one of its kind film academy that serves the varied purposes of instilling acting, dance & fitness skills to aspiring individuals hassle-free at a single place.

  •   Satya's Film Academy strives to build a comprehensive learning platform with highly experienced industry professionals in each craft delivering a theoretical and hands-on experience with the use of both classic and modern techniques to forge a complete actor with a unique acting style by working on their strengths and weaknesses.
  •   The other important USP of our programme is to offer courses with a shorter duration that would not eat up the student's time to pursue his dream career. The program includes a 360-degree approach of Theory lectures, Practical classes, Workshops, Interaction with professionals, and industry guidance geared towards providing the student actor with the skillset to work across genres creatively and confidently.

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